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Meet the TEAM

Almida Anderson - Partner

Ruthven Thompson - Partner

Kerrylee Chee Chow - Partner

Who we ARE

The firm of Date Montgomery & Company (Chartered Accountants) was established in 1975. In 1982 this partnership was dissolved and led to the formation of D. Montgomery & Co. The firm joined the HLB network in 2015 but in 2021 rebranded as A.R.K. Montgomery & Co.

A.R.K. Montgomery & Co employs a team of over ten persons and it is run by four Partners. David Montgomery operated professionally on his own from 1982 - 1987. In February 1987 the firm became a partnership with the addition of Mrs. Almida C. Anderson. In 2004 Mr. Ruthven Thompson became a partner and Ms Kerrylee Chee Chow became a partner in 2012. A.R.K. Montgomery & Co is recognized as one of the leading mid-tier Audit firms in the country.

A.R.K. Montgomery & Co provides a range of services including Audit, Accounting, payroll, tax, secretarial and consultancy services to a broad range of clients in the private sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to establish excellent relationships with our clients by providing them with rapid response times, personalized service and impeccable professionalism.

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