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We offer a wide range of business services including audits, accounting and consultancy that use our expertise to provide solutions for and add value to our clients.


Company Administration Services

Operating a business entity entails the seamless cohesion of many functions of the business. At A.R.K. Montgomery & Co we offer an array of company assistance products that decouple those functions and allow for the entity to focus on other key areas.


Assurance Services

At A.R.K. Montgomery & Co, we work with our clients to improve the quality of the information received by those charged with governance and disseminated to the various stakeholders and users of that information.


Accounting Services

We have an exceptionally strong accounting base. Whether it be bookkeeping, Value Added Tax computations, Payroll generation; or any other aspect of the accounting operations (such as payments to statutory bodies or submission of returns) at A.R.K. Montgomery & Co we perform the task efficiently, precisely and in a timely manner


Taxation Services

Effective tax management, through proper tax planning and compliance, is of paramount importance for a business entity. A.R.K. Montgomery & Co works with the clients to ensure their tax situation is as effectively managed as possible.

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